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      THE time had now come when the friendly farm at Wittmold, which had sheltered them in adversity, must be given up. The emigrs were returning; Mme. de la Fayette and Mme. de Grammont urged their sister to do the same, and Mme. de Tess was longing to see Paris again.


      I never thought of it, said Esmeralda; I suppose he hasnt found any one he likes.

      "You ought to remember that it was on the last day of[Pg 192] the year I left this house," said Isola, in her low, depressed voice, as of one weary unto death. "You said enough about it at the time."

      Late, very late!


      He discovered her suddenly while he was shaking hands with Belinda, and his quick glance of pleased surprise did not escape that young lady's steely blue eyes. Not a look or a breath ever does escape observation in a village drawing-room. Even the intellectual people, the people who[Pg 43] devour all Mudie's most solid bookstravels, memoirs, metaphysics, agnostic novelseven these are as keenly interested in their neighbours' thoughts and feelings as the unlettered rustic in the village street.




      Flicit composed some verses all about flowers and friendship, which were pronounced to be very touching, and which she sang dressed up as a shepherdess, having first presented him with a bouquet. She next appeared in a Spanish costume singing a romance composed by her mother, and finally she played the harp, which seems to come in like a chorus throughout all her eventful life."Yes," she cried, roused in an instant, and clasping her hands excitedly. "Did she go down?"